Stay Relevant,

Stay Agile,

Stay Client Focused.

Providing timely, practical, specialist business support.

We strive to be a one-stop shop. Our experienced in house team have all necessary skill sets to support an enterprise's entire life cycle.



India Inbound, Incorporations & registrations, compliance, start-up focus.


Compliance, Taxation Consulting and Litigation,Controller as a Service, Accounting and FP&A


Audit, Due Diligence, Internal Audits, Compliance reviews, Readiness, IS Audits

Why JAA?


Unwavering Attention


Global Approach


Experienced Client Service



  • Client is paramount

  • We understand your business and expectations

  • As a valuable client, you will receive timely, seamless services

  • Partners have experience with Global consulting firms and corporates

  • Tax and IS experts integrate with us to plan as effective engagements

  • Regular communication is part of our methodology – no surprises.

  • Each client has a dedicated Client Partner

  • Respective experts come in as the Engagement Partners.

  • Mr. Jayasimha & Mr. Lakshmanan, as senior professionals provide overall air cover.

  • We strive to be one stop shop

  • In-house and network experience pervades multiple areas

  • Indirect & Direct Taxation, International taxation, IS Controls, IFRS are some of the key specializations.

Whatever we do, the underpinning of that is integrity & ethics. 

Click to see our Code of Business Conduct & Ethics.


About Us 



Our partners came together with a deliberate vision of making world class services available under a single roof, passionately delivered with necessary agility and fairness.


Our young and diverse team comprises of highly dedicated and motivated Chartered Accountants, Cost Accountants, Company Secretaries and other team members working towards effective client service.


We also enjoy the unique advantage of having a high gender diversity at all levels of the organization – most impactfully demonstrated with our partners panel


As a mission, we seek to deliver contextual, practical and timely services to our clients


From day one, professional and merit oriented relationships were developed with each of us working with a spirit of generosity and fairness towards each other, towards our clients and our teams